How to Reverse a Video Clip in Premiere Pro | Cinemadio

How to Reverse a Video Clip in Premiere Pro | Cinemadio

reverse a video in premiere pro

Reverse video effects are a fun way to re-frame past events and communicate them a new. This tutorial will show you how to reverse a video clip in Premiere Pro.

It is a special effect with many uses. It can inform an audience with a slow-motion instant replay.

Also it can unsettle an audience, like in the opening scene of the film Memento. It can be used to recreate or make similar scenes like the movie Tenet and many more.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing and production software with loads of exciting tools which help you edit the recorded clips the way you want.

Here is the step by step, quickest and simplest way to reverse your video in premiere pro

Before following these steps, you have to import your footage inside the premiere pro. Visit here to know how to import your footage (video coming soon) inside the adobe premiere pro. 

5 Steps to Reverse a Video Clip in Premiere Pro

So let’s begin and take your creative freedom to new heights with the limitless

Step 1. Firstly You have to drag and drop Your footage inside your timeline.

drop clip in timeline



Step 2. Right click on your desired clip which you want to be reversed.

right click on clip



Step 3. Select speed/duration and then you’ll see a tab as shown in the image above.

select speed duration of video



Step 4. Now Check ☑ the reverse speed box.

check to reverse the video clip



Step 5. And then click on ok. Now it’s done.

click ok and video is reversed


See it is as simple as that.



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Wait, still not understood? Then watch this quick video tutorial below I have made for you.

How to Reverse a Video Clip in Premiere Pro | Quick Tutorial

You can follow these steps just by watching the video down below.

Top 5 Effects in Premiere Pro

1. Warp stabilizer – helps smooth out and remove jitter from a video.

2. Gaussian blur – Gaussian blur is an effect that blurs out your video or image.

3. Ultra key – ultra key is an effect that is used to remove mainly green and blue color.

4. Lumetry color – this effect is used to color grade your videos. It allows you to play with colors.

5. Crop – you can crop your videos freely by using this.


In conclusion, practice makes you understand things fast. Moreover, understanding the concept first.

Please share this post to your fellow beginners filmmaker. Stay connected for more short tutorials like these, Thank you. 

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