What is Dystopian Fiction? Definition & Characteristics of Dystopia

dystopian fiction definition

In this post we will understand the definition of a dystopian fiction story and see six characteristics of dystopian films to help you understand this fascinating genre. Before diving further, let’s first establish what is fiction? (in short) Fiction is varied. There is a genre of fiction for everyone, and almost all genres are adopted […]

180 Degree Rule in Filmmaking | Cinemadio

180 degree rule

Wondering to know the science of 180 degree rule in filmmaking?, After going through this post you will feel like it’s not a rocket science. Shooting a movie or any cinematic series is much more than just placing a camera at any place and shouting action! There are various rules that are followed in order […]

How To Become a Film Director | 6 Behind the Lens Secrets

how to become a film director

Looking to know about how to become a film director? You are at the right place. The show business has a lot of admirers, an enormous audience and a huge impact. Movies affect people in various ways and the credits of creating an impactful movie are distributed amongst various people. Undoubtedly in this list of […]