How to Become a Cinematographer | Cinemadio


Do you have a knack for capturing shots from different angles? Do you like to explore photography and videography in different lightning situations? Well, if your answer is yes, then the job of a cinematographer is the perfect fit for you. What Does a Cinematographer Do? The cinematographer is the head of the camera and […]

How to Make a Documentary | 7 Tips Revealed for Filmmakers


Let us begin with telling you a straight fact about documentary making- it is not an easy job. But, where is the fun if everything exciting becomes easy to do, right? Making a documentary requires a lot of things beyond the equipment and the team. It is more of a chaos management than a shooting […]

How to Write a Script: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

script writing basics

Want to pursue a full-time career in script writing? Struggling to learn basics of script writing? You are at the right place. Let’s Start. You must’ve watched several movies and certain scenes and characters must’ve made you think, “How did this amazing scene got created?” Or maybe you wanted to know how a particular character […]

How to Become a ScreenWriter | A Simple 5 Step Process

how to become a successful screenwriter

Willing to know how to become a successful screenwriter in the industry? this post is specially for you. In the film industry, there are thousands who have a story to tell. But, to stand out from these thousand people, one has to have a story worth telling. So, if you think that you fulfil all […]